My Helpful Travel Tips By Kayla Klein

Over the past several weeks, I have traveled to meet new Tigers that are soon headed our way. This got me thinking about all the packing I do for work travel, and also for all the spring break and summer fun. Being on the road whether it be by car, plane, or bus I have discovered some helpful tips to make the process easier.

  1. Make a list. I make a list of all the items that I need to pack right down to the snacks that I want to pack. You can make your list in your planner, excel sheet, on your phone, anywhere that you can use a quick reference. It is also a way to make sure that you do not forget anything that you might need.
  2. Packing cubes!!! Okay, so I have been told about packing cubes for a couple of years now, and I was like… how can a bunch of squares possibly make my packing better? I can now say they are amazing! I bought some packing cubes for my last round of travel to Dallas and Chicago at Marshalls, figured I would give them a try. My suitcase stayed organized, I was able to roll all my clothes (and they stayed rolled), and I was able to fit way more in my suitcase. Packing dress clothes and keeping them nice is always a struggle, but with the packing cubes it was no problem at all. Amazon has some great options for packing cubes; however, you can get them all over.
  3. A coat that does not take up a lot of space is a must for me. Going from one weather extreme to another is hard to pack for and packing a coat in your suitcase can take up too much of the room. I found the perfect coat that can be rolled up, fits in its own bag to limit space, and fits perfect my suitcase… plus it is water resistant so it works in the rain too.
  4. A good set of headphones is a necessity; noise cancelling ones are nice when you are on a crowded bus or airplane. So, I have multiple pairs of headphones, and yes I travel with multiple pairs of headphones for different scenarios I encounter. It sounds crazy, but I always fear I will lose a pair, or worse break a pair, and I do not want to scramble to buy another set while traveling. I have done this before and paid way too much for them. A good set of headphones also helps to block out the noise as you read your book or work as you sit in the airport.
  5. External battery pack. This is a lifesaver especially when all the charging stations are full in the airport… or you have to sit on the plane waiting to take off… and you need to charge your phone. It is also handy on a long bus trip and your seat is not next to an outlet. I also carry a charging tower that I bought at Target for $5.00 which allows me to charge four things at once. It is easy to pack and you only need the tower and the cords so there is less to lose and less to pack.
  6. My last “must have” is a good carryon bag/backpack. One that has lots of pockets that you are able to find items easily and fit all the things that you need. It should be lightweight and one that can hook onto another suitcase is ideal so you minimize the items that you have to carry.

Over the years, I have nearly perfected a packing strategy that works for me and have tweaked my ways (such as my new found excitement for packing cubes). I also love learning new tips and tricks on how other people travel. Hope mine help and feel free to share your tips below on this blog! Happy traveling!

Kayla Klein is MASFAP’s Early Awareness Chair

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