On April 3, 1967, about 75 financial aid administrators and fiscal business officers of the junior
colleges, colleges, and universities in the state of Missouri met in an informal session at Columbia to
discuss the many facets of the student financial aid programs. This meeting was so successful that
those assembled strongly favored the formation of a steering committee to plan future programs and
investigate the possibility of a state organization.

Paul H. Canole, Assistant to the President of the St. Louis Junior College District, was chosen chairperson.
Others who served on the first steering committee were Sue Brizius, Director of Student Financial
Aid at Lindenwood College; J.C. Bartee, Director of Student Financial Aid at Southwest Missouri State
College; Dr. William G. Brooks, Director of Student Financial Aid at Lincoln University; and George C.
Brooks, Assistant Director of Student Financial Aid for the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The first meeting planned by the steering committee was held on June 8, 1967, at Lincoln University.
The highlights of this meeting were discussions led by Dr. Thomas Sexton, Dr. Joseph Wettstein, and
Mr. Jerry Craft, all of the Kansas City Regional Office of Education. In addition, Mr. Allan Purdy, Director
of Student Financial Aid for the University of Missouri-Columbia, led discussion. At that time, Mr.
Purdy also served as the Chairperson of the National Council of Student Financial Aid Administrators.
This organization was later to become what we know as NASFAA.

As of that time, those attending were not ready for a highly structured, dues paying, formal
organization. However, they did feel the need to have future meetings. As a result, those attending
asked the steering committee to plan these meetings.

The second meeting planned by the steering committee was held at the University of Missouri-
Columbia on October 17, 1967. Again, officials from the Kansas City Regional Office of Education led
discussions on the current student financial aid programs. In addition, information was shared about
the services that could be provided by the College Scholarship Service by Leo Gilchrist and William
Van Dusen. Joseph Henry presented similar information about the American College Testing Services.
Everyone attending had keen interest in the need analysis procedures and data processing services
to assist financial aid offices that were offered by these two companies.

Response to the meeting was tremendous. So much so that the group voted to proceed in the
formation of an organization of Missouri Student Financial Aid Administrators. The following people
served as officers for the new association: Paul H. Canole, President; L.G. Belcher, Vice-President;
George C. Brooks, Secretary.

In addition to these officers, a four-member board was elected. The members of this first board were:
Neil Williams, Director of Student Financial Aid at Metropolitan Junior College in Kansas City; Hugh
Voss, Director of Student Financial Aid at Washington University (and President-Elect of MASFAA);
Jim Parker, Director of Admissions, Registrar and Financial Aid at Cottey College; and John Wiseman,
Director of Student Financial Aid at Southeast Missouri State University.

Absent from this new association was a treasurer. This was a deliberate decision since the membership
wished to remain as informal as possible while still maintaining a working organization. Thus, a new
organization was born; an organization without funds, a constitution, or a formal mission statement.
The first constitution of the organization was distributed to the membership in 1969 and the
association became more formalized as the years progressed. Working committees were appointed
as the needs arose and eventually dues were collected to defray expenses.

Many members have devoted much of their time to MASFAP over the years. In order to individually
recognize members with outstanding service, the membership began awarding the Missouri Award,
making the first presentation at the 1975 fall meeting.