MASFAP’s Who’s Making a Difference Scholarship By Alex Miller and Kayla Klein

Last year the Early Awareness Committee (EAC) was ecstatic to be able to offer a scholarship to a Missouri graduating Senior in May 2018. The MASFAP Who’s Making a Difference Scholarship submission requirements were to submit an entry form, write an essay (300 word maximum) describing a person in the student’s life who was inspiring them to fulfill their post-secondary education dreams, and submit a selfie of the two together. The scholarship can be used in the fall of 2018 at any Missouri institution for tuition, institutional fees, room, board, or books.

MASFAP Scholarship Winner Faith Thompson from Tipton High School

We were over the moon to receive over 300 entries! The EAC voted to pick the top five entries and we presented them to the membership at the 2017 conference. The members, attending the conference, were able to read the stories and submit a vote on their favorite story. After much consideration, we were able to offer two $1,000.00 scholarship and three $250.00 scholarships.

MASFAP Scholarship Winner Paige Newton from Smithton High School

Kayla and I wanted to do something big when we presented the two $1,000.00 scholarships to the winners. Thanks to Laura and Tim Steinbeck, we were able to get some BIG checks printed to surprise the students at their schools. We organized with the high school counselors to come to the school to bring the check and the balloons (I know what you are thinking; totally clearing house, right!?).

When driving to deliver the first check we did not know what to expect and were a little nervous. However, I can tell you neither of us expected to cry… but we did and so did everyone else in the office. The student was so thankful and surprised, it really touched EVERYONE’s heart (even the principal that was dressed up for ugly sweatshirt day). We could not wait to deliver the second check.

Unfortunately, on the second check delivery, Kayla could not join me. Nevertheless, we were so excited to be doing it again! This time I was not nervous, I was just anxious to see how the student reacted since her story had touched my heart the most out of all the stories we read. I met with the Superintendent, Principal, High School Counselor, and the student’s aunt. We all waited anxiously for the student to come down the hall and see me standing there with this BIG check and balloons. It did not take long for something to get in my eye after seeing her reaction… thank goodness for waterproof mascara!

Kayla and I are so thankful for this opportunity and we wish we could deliver more checks. However, we could not have done it without this awesome organization. THANK YOU MASFAP for allowing us to do what we love and allow us to keep spreading the LOVE across the state!

Alex Miller is MASFAP’s 2018 Vice President and Program Chair, and she was the 2017 Early Awareness Chair

Kayla Klein is the 2018 Early Awareness Chair

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