Volunteering for a MASFAP Committee By Kerry Hallahan

All my life I have loved to volunteer! As a young child in elementary school, it began with agreeing to help my teacher. Then in high school when I could drive, my best friend and I volunteered for ‘Meals on Wheels.’ Later in my college days, I volunteered to be a side walker for Therapeutic Horsemanship. As I became a mother, I volunteered as a room parent, a Girl Scout Leader/Cookie mom and an Advancement Coordinator for Boy Scouts. Heck! I was even a PSR teacher for second graders. My family has volunteered together at the Emmaus Homes. As a professional, when I think about volunteering the first thing that comes to mind is MASFAP. I have volunteered to serve on committees and to serve on the Executive Board for MASFAP. I even volunteered to run as MASFAP President… and here I am! Although my involvement and extent of volunteerism has progressed over the years, all of these have many things in common. They all have made me feel more fulfilled, enabled me to meet new people, helped me grow as a person and grow my network of colleagues to call on for thoughts and opinions – I have learned so much from others through volunteering!

Volunteering to be on a committee for MASFAP is like any other activities you have volunteered for in your life, and I know you will not regret it! You will collaborate with like-minded people, feel like you belong (which makes you feel good), probably learn something new and definitely expand your financial aid circle of friends! Of course all of this happens through giving, because when you give of your time and talent, there is nothing greater! Together we accomplish so much.

So….MASFAP….I am calling on you! Please get engaged and get involved on a MASFAP committee – the Early Awareness and Program committees are always looking for members like you… the Technology committee is looking for members who will assist with AV at the conference…choose a larger committee or one that you would like to know more about… but I hope you will take the time to volunteer for one. Now, as the New Year has begun, is the perfect time to take the next step and volunteer.

To volunteer: Go to www.masfap.org, click on Member Services, and then Volunteer! You will have use your MASFAP login.

You can view a general list of committees and the committee descriptions: https://www.masfap.org/docs/forms/comm_descript.html

The 2018 Executive Board looks forward to collaborating with you!
Kerry Hallahan
MASFAP President

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