Kind of Nostalgic By Karen Walker

Karen Walker

You kind of get nostalgic when you go through photos, newsletters, and memorabilia that spans several decades… particularly since I will be retiring soon. Not many of us MASFAPIANS (the term coined by Cindy Butler) can look at stuff from 30+ years ago and remember when it actually happened. There were four of us on the Archives Committee during this past year that were able to do just that to some degree or another—Melinda Wood, Cindy Butler, Karen Harden, and myself. It was a privilege to work with Melinda and Cindy as life-time MASFAP members and current members, Kelly Fleming, Erika Holzinger, Ashley Richardson, Karen Harden, and Kathy Dixon to prepare a display of archived materials collected over the years and to publish the MASFAP 50th Anniversary Memory Book. It was a labor of love and we felt so honored to be recognized at the conference by President Hager for our committee work. We really had wished Cindy could have been there with us to celebrate. This is such a wonderful group of people to work with who were so dedicated, creative, and productive. Erika way out did herself on the committee and producing a new little human being this past October —Adalyn Violet. Congratulations and kudos to Erika who was definitely the committee over achiever!


As I end my year as Archive Chair and will shortly end my career in Financial Aid, I can’t help but be sentimental about my MASFAP memories. This organization has allowed me to learn so much about financial aid. It has provided a network of colleagues that have always been willing to listen to my problems, provide insight, offer solutions, and to have some great fun with. MASFAP has provided an opportunity for professional development and to meet so many wonderful people who are truly dedicated to this industry and to helping students. I have seen, first hand, what it looks like when people are passionate about what they do. You can’t help but know each of you are truly touching the lives of students in a positive, life changing way. Keep fighting for students, MASFAP!

So let me dry my eyes and wrap this up. MASFAP offers something for everyone. You will get way more out of MASFAP than you will ever have to put in. Once you get involved in the organization, you will want to continue to be involved. You can make a difference in the lives of students when they really need it. And every five years you get to celebrate another milestone of being awesome.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a new year filled with health, hope, happiness, and prosperity.

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