Exciting News – Changes to Verification Requirements By Kathy Elsea

I was excited to hear that we have some relief for students and families this morning regarding verification requirements as a result of the recent suspension of the DRT. Have you read the exciting new Dear Colleague Letter out today about Changes to 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 Verification Requirements: https://ifap.ed.gov/dpcletters/GEN1704.html? I am grateful for all who have been advocating for relief in the verification process through the DRT suspension. This should help students as well as financial aid administrators as this new guidance will lighten loads in some ways. However, it could cause confusion for others.  I would love to hear what your offices are talking about today in light of the changes. Please comment to this blog!


Kathy Elsa is a MASFAP Delegate-at-Large


  1. AHager on April 24, 2017 at 4:25 pm said:

    We are doing a happy dance in the financial aid office at Moberly Area Community College. I’m pretty sure I heard some hoots and hollers from my staff’s offices this morning, LOL. At this time, I am considering accepting signed tax returns or tax return transcripts in the event the students or parents do not have a copy of their tax return. I think the piece I am most excited about is the abolishment of the non-tax filer letter!
    This is definitely an exciting time for financial aid offices, while removing barriers from our students and their families.
    This is a win for everyone…. definitely a case where our advocacy paid off.

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