Making Connections at the MOACAC Conference By Alex Miller

A few weeks ago, Kayla Klein and I had the opportunity to head to the lake to present to high school counselors and admission representatives about Special Populations and spreading the word about the ins and outs of the MASFAP Money Challenge- High School Edition.  We had a great day presenting and networking with the MOACAC attendees at Tan-Tar-A Lake Resort.

In our first presentation titled Advising Special Populations, we had a good mix of both high school counselors and admissions reps from throughout the state of Missouri. I feel strongly that this is an important topic for high school counselors to be aware of and familiar with as they advise students. These special populations usually have to jump through hoops to obtain a high school diploma. When these students must share their story again and again, it can be difficult on them. Since these students already trust their high school counselors who know their stories and family,  these students feel so much more comfortable with the high school counselor rather than their brand new financial aid counselor that they have never met in person before. For me to be able to have the opportunity to connect with the counselors and help them advise their students regarding this topic was priceless. It was such a great feeling to be able to speak freely with this group and collaborate on helping students succeed – just awesome!

The Early Awareness Committee is committed to bringing awareness, teaching and helping students throughout our state. We do this through reaching out to high school counselors and assisting with high school nights/events when possible. I encourage all who are interested to contact me to see what EAC can do for you! You may already have ideas and programs you do with high school students and counselors… How can we collaborate together to make our resources stretch even further? Please email me at[email protected] – we would love for you to  join our committee!

 Also be watching for dates to be announced for the MASFAP High School Counselor Workshops!! We want to make these great and really publicize these events to grow our reach!


Kayla Klein and Alex Miller

 Alex Miller is MASFAP’s Early Awareness Chair

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