Networking on Hill Day By Will Shaffner

Networking can be intimidating. The idea of going to an event and mingling can stir fear in even the most extroverted of people. Luckily, you have the opportunity to put your networking skills into practice at our upcoming MASFAP event: Hill Day! This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people because not only are you able to mingle with current MASFAP colleagues, there will be opportunities to meet and form connections with Missouri state legislators as well.

Creating bonds like these are important, not only for your career, but for higher education in our state. Forming bonds can lead to becoming a resource to our elected officials. Think you know everyone that’s been elected? Well think again! Thanks to our latest election day, this Hill Day is a great opportunity for volunteers new and old to come out and meet our newest officials.

To volunteer and reap all of the benefits of networking on February 14, sign up at under Training.

If the thought of networking makes you squirm but you understand it’s important to your professional growth and to share your insights with key legislators, you might find this article helpful to check out before Hill Day – 10 Networking Tips for People Who Hate Networking

Julie Loftin said this about her experience at Hill Day:

I found the entire experience with Hill day very enlightening.  It was interesting to see what the priorities of the different legislators were. In particular, I greatly enjoyed meeting with Kip Kendrick.  It was evident that he took the time and made the effort to have meaningful conversations with us.  He was generally interested in what we had to say about higher education funding in general.  It was an incredible experience to see a bit of the behind the scenes when it comes to higher education funding in our state government.  It definitely was a different experience for me. – Julie Loftin, Financial Aid Advisor, University of Missouri

Will Shaffner is MASFAP’s Legislative Chair.

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