Question for My Colleagues By Kathy Elsea

Things get busy and I don’t always skim NASFAA News. A while back I saw the article titled “Important Federal Perkins Loan Reminders Provided at NASFAA Conference” so I clicked on it ( to be reminded (of what I thought I already knew from the DCL GEN-16-05).  Two important “reminders” (#4 and #5 in the article) weren’t addressed in DCL GEN-16-05.  I feel like these items warranted another DCL.  Did anyone else catch this? What’s your opinion?  Do you routinely go back and review FAQ lists on a regular basis to see what’s been added? Just something I wanted to pass along in case you missed it. I hope you are all off to a fantastic fall semester!

Submitted by Kathy Elsea, MASFAP Delegate

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