MASFAP Checklist By Kerry Hallahan

checklistGreetings MASFAP!

One of the most time consuming duties of the Awards Chair is ensuring that the information reported in the MASFAP database is correct in hopes to recognize the right people at the conference. This is a very simple and yet a daunting task and never seems to be 100% accurate. As you prepare for the upcoming academic year, I would like to request that you include MASFAP membership updates to your checklist.

This hopefully is a fairly painless request. Please help us out with the following information:

  1. Update Member Profile –  check two items
    1. Change Institution – is the correct institution listed for you?
    2. Starting Year in Profession – this is the year that we use to determine your ‘Years of Service’ award.
  2. Search the Membership Directory – find your institution and review members listed. Primary contacts may remove/update members of your institution. To do this go to:
    1. Administrative Services
    2. Primary Contacts
    3. Add or Delete Members from Your Institution

And one final request…if the year 2016 means retirement for you or someone you know in the office, please share that with me. You may contact me via email at [email protected].

Thank you MASFAP friends!

Kerry Hallahan, 2016 MASFAP Awards Chair

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