Had fun at SLAP, next up FANG By Angela Karlin

MASFAP President Angela Karlin

Last week was a bit crazy…the auditors on campus and SAP processing for the end of the semester to name a few items! Thanks Mya for the blog on reducing stress…this is something I can relate to, especially this time of year.

Hopefully you all had a chance to read the May MASFAP Communication regarding the benefit for MASFAP members to attend MASFAA. The MASFAA Conference will be October 2-5 in Kansas City. I am so excited about this opportunity for MASFAP members to attend MASFAA this year in our home state! I hope this announcement is timely and you are able to budget for both MASFAA and of course MASFAP this year. MASFAP is a little later this year to accommodate both awesome conferences in our state – MASFAP is December 12-14 at the Lake! In looking at my own institution’s budget, you really cannot beat the training we can get this year so close to home. I think there is also an opportunity to room together to save on costs at MASFAA.

Recently, I had the chance to attend SLAP, the St. Louis Aid Professionals meeting. The meeting was held on the campus of Missouri Baptist University and it was great to see my St. Louis colleagues. While several of the attendees I get to see at MASFAP events during the year, I had the opportunity to meet some colleagues I have never met. We even had a newcomer to the industry attend – very nice to meet you Keith! SLAP, as well as the other regional organizations, are great place to stay connected and network with colleagues who work right down the street from you. It was a small, informal setting with great leaders (Janice Barnes and Cherise Jackson) who brought topics to discuss. And I got to talk about my love for MASFAP – thank you for having me SLAP!

This Thursday, I will get to visit FANG, Financial Aid Networking Group. I look forward to seeing familiar faces and especially new ones!

In the midst of my meetings around campus in regards to budgets, Early FAFSA, PPY, and all the other regs… I love that I can go back to my MASFAP colleagues for support. If you are not already involved, check out your Missouri regional meetings – SLAP, FANG, and OAKFAP. Also attend the free MASFAP trainings! The next one is May 26, which is a VA Training. And be sure to budget for and attend both MASFAA in October and MASFAP in December!

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