Experience MASFAP Hill Day By Valerie Moersch

 (L to R: Frederick staffer, Valerie Moersch (S&T), Tracy Wilson (S&T), Rep. Keith Frederick)

MASFAP Hill Day 2015
(L to R: Frederick staffer, Valerie Moersch (S&T), Tracy Wilson (S&T), Rep. Keith Frederick)

Behind the enormous bronze doors that had an eventful journey to Missouri from Brooklyn, the business of the Show-Me State unfolds during each legislative session.  Few Missourians know that the bronze doors actually went missing during World War I when the U.S. War Department had the authority to stop any train, unload the cargo, and reload it with U.S. Army supplies.  Thus began a search for the missing doors.  It wasn’t until a year later that they arrived in Jefferson City by train, completely unannounced, and no one ever learned where they had spent that year.  Today, those huge doors welcome visitors atop the Capitol’s front steps.  The question of which is the front and back of the Capitol is another story altogether!  On the inside, we can admire the breathtaking murals or be intrigued by the fascinating Whisper Gallery high in the dome; the Missouri State Capitol is a stunning structure, deemed the most elegant of the 50 states.  Most importantly, however, it is where the laws and business of our great state takes shape.

Many groups gather daily during session to provide insight to our elected officials by telling their “story” to those who offer an open ear.  Most use the divide and conquer concept— providing insight on the top issues facing an industry, organization, or group.  They are hopeful that as many lawmakers as possible can understand their issues and maybe, just maybe, the information they present will provide clarity on an issue that will be voted on in the near future.  Each group has a common purpose—try to get their information in front of as many policymakers as possible.  They provide thought provoking information and answer questions–all reaching toward one goal.  It is a process that is humbling and exhilarating at the same time.

If you have not experienced MASFAP Hill Day, I recommend driving to Jefferson City during this beautiful time of year to offer your expertise on the topics that MASFAP collectively feels are the most important to those for whom we work every day: the students of Missouri who are trying to obtain the higher education of which they have dreamed.

When the day wraps up, you will feel as though you have made strides in forwarding the topics that are relevant and important to those whom we serve—and maybe, just maybe, we can also garner some new alliances at The Hill.

I hope you will join MASFAP on April 5th at the Hill!

Valerie Moersch

Missouri University of Science and Technology

2015 MASFAP Hill Day Participant


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