We’re Getting Fancy Folks… By Kristen Gibbs

Starting in June of 2015, MASFAP has started taking advantage of online bill pay options through our bank. We started off experimenting with reimbursements for expenses to members to see if the process would work well, and it has. We are able to use these online options for paying venders and for reimbursing individuals for organizational expenses.

So what does this mean for the organization? There are lots of benefits! It has reduced the costs associated with paying bills. We no longer have to pay for stamps, envelopes, and paper checks, and online bill pay is free! It reduces time requirements for budget and finance committee members by taking just seconds to set up a payee, and once the payee information is entered into bill pay, it is easy to make payment. No one has to make time to write out several checks, which means we are able to make payments timelier. And finally, we have reduced some of our financial risk. No one is carting around a large binder with lots of checks at risk of being lost or stolen.

There is one thing of note to the new process. Please be aware that the envelopes can look like junk mail. If you have submitted an expense reimbursement, be on the lookout and don’t throw it away. Using bill pay, my turnaround time on reimbursements has been one day or less….because it takes so much less time! After I issue the notice for payment, you will receive your check in about seven to ten days. Fancy, huh?

GenaGena on September 16, 2015 at 6:50 pm said:
So excited to see this progress! Though – I have to agree – the first time I received a reimbursement I thought it was junk mail! Watch out for that, for sure!

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