Techno Talk By Bridgette Betz

Greetings MASFAPians!

I hope your first week or two of classes are going well and that the lines are short! I have been knocking on wood all week because our first week seems to be relatively smooth.

I wanted to take a moment and give you an update on what the Technology Committee is working on. Most of our work so far has been keeping information up-to-date and making sure you can all register for the fabulous professional development events. In fact, there are still two more you can register for on right now!

We have been busy reviewing other state associations’ websites in order to determine some of the best practices in website design. Look for changes during the next several months – I hope you will think the website is ‘picture’ perfect! Melissa Findley, Communication Chair, is also on the Technology committee and has been working with our website provider, ATAC, to see how we can ramp up the blog, MASFAP Matters. And we are also discussing what we can do as a committee to provide more value to the MASFAP 2015 Conference.

I want to thank my committee volunteers. I am very proud of the Technology Committee this year and appreciate all this committee’s thoughts and ideas so far! It is refreshing to see so many willing to pitch in. With that said, if you haven’t volunteered on a committee yet, please do! Every voice counts!

I also want to thank two departing Technology Committee members in particular for their work with this committee. Linda Loyd has been on the committee many years and has done a super job making sure that we are paying our bills – thank you for all you have done for MASFAP! And Matthew Boyd provided feedback and support to keep us moving in the right direction. I wanted to thank them both for their participation!

I look forward to seeing all of you at the conference – November 9-11!

Bridgette Betz, Technology Chair



GenaGena on September 16, 2015 at 6:51 pm said:
So many great updates to the website this year, including opening conference registration nearly two months earlier than usual. Thanks for the great work, Technology Committee!

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