What DO you do as a Financial Aid Director? By Crystal Bruntz

MASFAP Friends

When someone says, “So what DO you do as a Financial Aid Director?”……… Do you ever find yourself struggling for an accurate response that they can comprehend!?!?! I’ve been working in Financial Aid most of my adult life and that question has come up far more than once or twice. I always have to ponder… do I tell them about my craziness of never enough time, never enough resources and the ever constant changing regulations, not to mention trying to interpret them??? OR do I just tell them that I help students get money for college and achieve their dream of a college degree. Usually the latter wins out and they get the smile on my face with the shimmer in my heart of what I do REALLY does matter!!!

But, who do I tell about the craziness and the changing regulations and the frustrating students and situations?? I tell YOU!!! I tell my MASFAP friends via email, facebook and text. I vent with my MASFAP friends at trainings and conferences and board meetings. I listen to my MASFAP friends and attempt to give my interpretations of the unthinkable situations that arise in our offices. It’s YOU, my MASFAP friends, which keep me sane and help me remember I’m not alone. It’s YOU, my MASFAP friends, that truly understand all the acronyms and dear colleague letters and the ever looming threat of a program review. So, I want to formally thank YOU, my MASFAP friends, for never asking me what it is I do in my profession. I want to thank YOU for “getting my job”. It truly is my professional organizations like MASFAP that keep me going full steam ahead on those days that I think maybe I should look into a career change. So, THANK YOU MASFAP FRIENDS for being YOU!!!

Crystal Bruntz

Director of Financial Aid

Avila University


Brice on March 4, 2015 at 8:21 am said:
Well said. Thank YOU for all that you do.

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