Feeling The Weight By Dan Dick

Earlier this month the Program committee met for the first time. In the room, and on teleconference were a number of people for whom I have a great deal of respect, and who have accomplished a great deal, both in their professional careers and within MASFAP. A number of them were directors, and many of them have served on the executive board, previously or currently. As the meeting time came and went, it suddenly dawned on me: as the Vice-President, this meeting was going to start when I started it! We had a productive day, discussing themes, special guests, charities, activities and so on. At no point did I ever have the feeling that I was “in charge”, which is partly my personality, but partly due to the passion and creativity of the people who consistently devote their time to the betterment of the financial aid community in Missouri. Knowing that is the case makes me realize just how important my job as Vice-President is. I don’t have to be the person who comes up with every idea, I just need to be the person to coordinate all the ideas that are already there in order for us to make the conference the very best that it can be. With all of those people along my side, and knowing the opportunity I’ve been given this year, I’m sure that we will have a terrific time this December at the Lake.
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