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2018 MASFAP Board Kick-Off Meeting

Yesterday, the 2018 MASFAP Board met to collaborate on the coming year for MASFAP. The day included reviewing responsibilities and expectations, a budget and finance overview, board use of the website including reaching out to volunteers, setting goals, planning the year on the calendar and teambuilding. Attached are some pictures taken yesterday at this 1-day board retreat in Columbia.

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Kind of Nostalgic By Karen Walker

Karen Walker

You kind of get nostalgic when you go through photos, newsletters, and memorabilia that spans several decades… particularly since I will be retiring soon. Not many of us MASFAPIANS (the term coined by Cindy Butler) can look at stuff from 30+ years ago and remember when it actually happened. There were four of us on the Archives Committee during this past year that were able to do just that to some degree or another—Melinda Wood, Cindy Butler, Karen Harden, and myself. It was a privilege to work with Melinda and Cindy as life-time MASFAP members and current members, Kelly Fleming, Erika Holzinger, Ashley Richardson, Karen Harden, and Kathy Dixon to prepare a display of archived materials collected over the years and to publish the MASFAP 50th Anniversary Memory Book. It was a labor of love and we felt so honored to be recognized at the conference by President Hager for our committee work. We really had wished Cindy could have been there with us to celebrate. This is such a wonderful group of people to work with who were so dedicated, creative, and productive. Erika way out did herself on the committee and producing a new little human being this past October —Adalyn Violet. Congratulations and kudos to Erika who was definitely the committee over achiever!


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EXCITING! Opening Remarks and Keynote Speaker NOW at MASFAP Conference!

Congrats MASFAP on 50 years! #masfapturns50

MASFAP President Amy Hager’s Opening Remarks (Amy is AWESOME):

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50 Reasons to Attend the MASFAP Conference By Jamie Davis

Whether you are a newcomer or you have an overwhelming number collection of conference badges on your office wall, the 2017 MASFAP Annual Conference is the one NOT to miss! This year, MASFAP is celebrating 50 years with the theme, “Celebrating Our Past, Inspiring Our Future.” And, here are 50 reasons why you should attend the MASFAP Fall conference November 6-8 at the Lodge of Four Seasons:

1. Everyone will be there!

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MASFAP State of Mind By Samantha Matchefts

Not too long ago, I was puzzled how September passed by in a blur… and now I feel the same way about October. Time is flying by! Fall keeps trying to make an appearance… one chilly morning for my daily walk with our dog I wore a down vest … in contrast a few days later at the pumpkin patch with our grandson the temperature was 80 degrees. Ghosts, ghouls, skeletons and other assorted decorations have appeared throughout my neighborhood, and the stores have Halloween candy prominently displayed… as well as even some holiday displays. This can only mean one thing… the MASFAP conference is around the corner!

This time of year always puts me in the MASFAP state of mind. Crazy temperature changes, Halloween decorations and the holidays right around the corner, it just gets me thinking about and looking forward to MASFAP! I look forward to learning new regulations and best practices from my esteemed colleagues, and I look forward to seeing all of your friendly faces. This year, I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, renewing friendships and meeting new friends. And I know we are going to have a fabulous time at the 50th celebration! If you haven’t already, please register for the annual conference at – here you can complete your registration, book your hotel, and view the draft program agenda.

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What Has MASFAP Done For Me Lately? By Matthew Kearney

As you prepare to hit the road to travel to the MASFAP conference, you might ask yourself, “Why am I going?” Or in my case, I have the cutest 4-year-old little boy asking, “Daddy, why are you going to a conference?” Having gone to a number of these things over the last several years, I’ve begun to actually think about my answer.

I used to say I was going for work. That was sufficient for a 2-year-old…but a 4-year-old, that’s not going to cut it. Because inevitably, I’ll get the follow-up questions, “What do you do at a conference?”, “If it’s for work, why do you have to go somewhere?”, “Who goes to your conference?”, “Do they have a pool or a playground?”, and lately, when I say Nick Prewett will be there, I get the question, “Will my friends Maddi and Collin be there?” (we visited Columbia a few weeks ago and they are now, in his mind, his BFF’s).

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Happy Financial Aid Day to YOU!

Today, October 18 (3rd Wednesday in October) is a special day set aside to celebrate and recognize the contributions of all financial aid professionals for helping students make their college-going dreams a reality! What is your office doing today to celebrate??? Please comment below…and HAPPY Financial Aid Day to you – YOU make a difference!

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The registration link is now live for the MASFAP High School Counselor Workshops at

MASFAP Members – please help spread the word to high school counselor contacts that registration is open!

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MASFAP meets with Congressman Emanuel Cleaver

L to R Steve Garman, Gena Boling, Keri Gilbert, Rep. Cleaver, Dena Norris, Crystal Bruntz, Amy Hager, Jennifer Moore

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Tomorrow is Not Guaranteed By Laura Steinbeck

As I wondered about what to share with you, I thought about my recent personal experiences and information we all need to remember and can relate to. Not necessarily work related, but more importantly about life.

During the past few months, I’ve come to realize that life is too short. I came to this realization after losing five friends in the past two months that had so much more life to live. They had plans but were not able to see them through.

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Announcing DATES for MASFAP’s High School Counselor Workshops

It’s MASFAP’s Throwback Thursday!

In celebration this year of MASFAP’s 50th Anniversary, here are some fun throwback pictures from a few of the MASFAP conferences over the years! It makes you wonder what was the fun activity they were doing when the picture was taken?!?!?!

Conference registration is $50 per person to celebrate 50 years of MASFAP

As you know, MASFAP is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year! Have you saved the date for the fall conference? If not, please add November 6-8, 2017 now to your calendar, because you won’t want to miss this amazing conference!

We will be Celebrating Our Past and Inspiring Our Future at the Lodge of Four Seasons, in Lake Ozark Missouri.

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Announcing the MASFAP Election Results!

The 2018 MASFAP election results are in! Here are the newly elected officials:

President: Samantha Matchefts, University of Missouri – St. Louis
Vice President: Alexandria Miller, William Woods University
Secretary: Kim Cary, Ozarks Technical Community College
Treasurer: Becca Diskin, Missouri Southern State University
Delegate (3 Year): Charles Mayfield, Northwest Missouri State University
Delegate (1 Year): Scott Young, University of Missouri – Kansas City

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MASFAP has a new mailing address

Effective immediately, MASFAP has a new mailing address (since the UPS Store our box is located in is moving).

The new mailing address is:

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Patience and Grace By Brice Baumgardner

We are getting ready to go through a software conversion on our campus (PowerFAIDS/CAMS to Ellucian Colleague). With this transition we have begun to have meetings… And when I say meetings, I really mean to say a lot of meetings! We discuss every aspect of the systems and how things will all fit together. We talk about information, reports, data, data and more data. During the typing of this blog alone, I have received three new meeting invitations. With no end of these meetings in sight, I will persist on balancing the best I can between learning the new system and keeping our normal tasks on course.

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Time to get to business!

The LDP and Legislative Teams in the Senate Russell Building, ready to meet with Senator Blunt!

Pictures from Washington, D.C.!

The MASFAP Leadership Development group arrived today to Washington, D.C. for their financial aid advocacy trip – they are eager to begin their meetings!! Take a look at some fun pics as they arrived!

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It’s MASFAP Throwback Thursday!

The first Thursday of each month leading up to MASFAP’s 50th Anniversary Conference is Throwback Thursday! Check out these pics and see if you can guess the year they were taken!

Here’s a fun group – Kelli Hartman, Brent Carpenter, Michelle (Pursel) Metcalf and Becca Diskin.

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Exciting News – Changes to Verification Requirements By Kathy Elsea

I was excited to hear that we have some relief for students and families this morning regarding verification requirements as a result of the recent suspension of the DRT. Have you read the exciting new Dear Colleague Letter out today about Changes to 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 Verification Requirements: I am grateful for all who have been advocating for relief in the verification process through the DRT suspension. This should help students as well as financial aid administrators as this new guidance will lighten loads in some ways. However, it could cause confusion for others.  I would love to hear what your offices are talking about today in light of the changes. Please comment to this blog!

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