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Announcing Workshops for High School Counselors By Alexandria Miller


The Early Awareness Committee is focused and committed to offering regional workshops this fall for the high school counselors throughout the state. This year, we are planning these earlier than years past so counselors can prepare for PPY. After reviewing survey responses from the high school counselors, we were able to set dates and the locations for the 2016 MASFAP Fall Workshops. We also have started planning the agendas based on what the counselors want to learn more about from MASFAP. We strive to stay on top of the changes and make sure they are well aware of what is happening in the ever-changing Financial Aid World! In addition, the Early Awareness Committee is conducting a Priority Deadline Survey to all colleges in the state to provide all high school counselors updated information when they attend their fall counselor workshop. If you have not replied to Laura Steinbeck with your priority deadline, please do so ASAP so your school can be included in this information to the counselors.

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Question for My Colleagues By Kathy Elsea

Things get busy and I don’t always skim NASFAA News. A while back I saw the article titled “Important Federal Perkins Loan Reminders Provided at NASFAA Conference” so I clicked on it ( to be reminded (of what I thought I already knew from the DCL GEN-16-05).  Two important “reminders” (#4 and #5 in the article) weren’t addressed in DCL GEN-16-05.  I feel like these items warranted another DCL.  Did anyone else catch this? What’s your opinion?  Do you routinely go back and review FAQ lists on a regular basis to see what’s been added? Just something I wanted to pass along in case you missed it. I hope you are all off to a fantastic fall semester!

Submitted by Kathy Elsea, MASFAP Delegate


Waking to the assault of our alarm clock, we try to prepare for the day ahead. From those morning chores that just don’t seem to get done unless we do them (dressing/feeding the kids, letting the dogs out, fixing breakfast, etc.) to the expectations at work, including emails, phone calls, meeting with students and talking to other administrators on campus not to mention our fellow staff members. The fight for our attention is endless, unforgiving and at times unbearable, not to mention exhausting. The attack doesn’t end here – it continues after work as we shop for/prepare dinner, clean the house, do laundry, help with homework and of course be a supportive partner to our other half, until we fall into our bed beaten into submission from the pressures we face and almost take for granted, each and every day.

How do others do this? I see my colleagues who approach each day with such joy and smiles, one might think what am I NOT doing here…???

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We are the Champions my friends………… (Que the music)! With 450 Credentials earned the state of Missouri is leading the nation in NASFAA Credentials!!! The state of Georgia has 430 so they are on our tail. Don’t miss out on more opportunities to get yourself credentialed through the Professional Development committee and keep us as #1!

Registration Live Now: Administrative Capability and Professional Judgment – June 28th

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MASFAP Vote Results for Constitutional Changes By Gena Boling

While we wait on candidate notification before announcing election results, I am pleased to announce each proposed change to the MASFAP Constitution has passed! Thank you for voting!

For a reminder, this is what you have approved:

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Announcing the MASFAP Election Results By Gena Boling

Election Results

Thank you to all who braved the ballot, it is because of your time and dedication our association is such a success. Please join me in congratulating our newly elected officers of the Missouri Association of Student Financial Aid Personnel:

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MASFAP Checklist By Kerry Hallahan

checklistGreetings MASFAP!

One of the most time consuming duties of the Awards Chair is ensuring that the information reported in the MASFAP database is correct in hopes to recognize the right people at the conference. This is a very simple and yet a daunting task and never seems to be 100% accurate. As you prepare for the upcoming academic year, I would like to request that you include MASFAP membership updates to your checklist.

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Why Taking a Few Minutes To Complete A Survey is Important By Matthew Kearney

How many times have you thought to yourself, I wonder what other people are going to do?  Well the research committee is here to answer those questions.  While often not the most glamorous of committees, it is certainly imperative to the success of the association.  Without knowing what our membership wants, the executive board has a difficult time planning professional development opportunities.  We want to work for you, and this is one avenue we have to ensure we are meeting your expectations.  So while filling out a survey isn’t the most fun thing you can do, it is really important.  The next time you get an email asking for a few minutes of your time to answer some questions, it’s your opportunity to have a voice in the direction our association takes.  If you ever have any questions you’d like answered, please let me know.  I’m happy to take suggestions on what we can look into more in depth and see what options we have to find out more.


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Had fun at SLAP, next up FANG By Angela Karlin

MASFAP President Angela Karlin

Last week was a bit crazy…the auditors on campus and SAP processing for the end of the semester to name a few items! Thanks Mya for the blog on reducing stress…this is something I can relate to, especially this time of year.

Hopefully you all had a chance to read the May MASFAP Communication regarding the benefit for MASFAP members to attend MASFAA. The MASFAA Conference will be October 2-5 in Kansas City. I am so excited about this opportunity for MASFAP members to attend MASFAA this year in our home state! I hope this announcement is timely and you are able to budget for both MASFAA and of course MASFAP this year. MASFAP is a little later this year to accommodate both awesome conferences in our state – MASFAP is December 12-14 at the Lake! In looking at my own institution’s budget, you really cannot beat the training we can get this year so close to home. I think there is also an opportunity to room together to save on costs at MASFAA.

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Tips to reduce stress by Mya Walker Lawrence


In the midst of packaging session, completing verification and preparing for summer audits, most financial aid offices are entering into one of their busiest seasons. If you are feeling overwhelmed, check out these tips that I have complied to help you relieve stress during this period.

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Powerlifting: My Stress Antidote By Jamie Davis


Every weekday morning I wake up at 4:30 AM, pick up my best friend and drive over to our local YMCA and we train our bodies to sometimes the point of exhaustion, and I absolutely love it! As unappealing as waking up at 4:30 AM sounds; it’s exactly how I cope and deal with stress. Being able to jump start my day with doing something I have grown to be so passionate about is so good for my soul. I love to lift, and I love to lift heavy. I started working out as a way to deal with the day to day grind. It was then I quickly realized that I am not a huge fan of running. When I was in high school and even throughout college, I considered myself an athlete and I was a farm girl, so I always felt strong. When family and kids came along, I kind of lost sight of that. About six months ago, I just stumbled into the world of powerlifting, which is funny, as that was how I got my start in financial aid.

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Reducing the Burden By Kathy Elsea

Good morning MASFAP and TGIF,fafsa verif

I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the April 5, 2016 Dear Colleague Letter GEN-16-07:  2017-2018 Award Year:  FAFSA Information to be Verified and Acceptable Documentation. 

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Hill Day Happened Today! Check out some pics!

A proud day for MASFAP – a day full of meetings with key staff, a presentation to the Committee on Higher Education, talking about MASFAP to a lot of people… MASFAP’s Hill Day was a success! A summary of the day to come in the MASFAP Monitor, but for now here are a few pictures taken today!


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Ready to Challenge! By CortneyJo Sandidge

The MASFAP Money Challenge – College Edition is now available!  After a successful year of piloting our new financial literacy program for college students, it is ready for all!  The toolkit with all documents necessary to run an awesome MASFAP Money Challenge (MMC) workshop will be available for download on for MASFAP members by the end of the first week of April.  The MMC comes just in time to end the Spring 2016 semester with prepping your graduating seniors for life after college.  The MMC is designed for college students to practice budgeting for their first year after college.  They will be given a career based off their major, a beginning salary and several options to choose from such as housing, transportation, food, entertainment, repayment plans for student loans, etc.  As the Early Awareness Committee learned, it is a great way to get students thinking about financial responsibility in a different and fun way. 

 If you are interested in scheduling an event on your campus before this semester ends, a host instruction guide will be available in the toolkit to get you started!  The MASFAP Money Challenge is also a great way to build partnerships with other constituents on campus.  Connect with your other colleagues and plan a fun event!  The Early Awareness Committee will also be available to assist as needed!

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Experience MASFAP Hill Day By Valerie Moersch

 (L to R: Frederick staffer, Valerie Moersch (S&T), Tracy Wilson (S&T), Rep. Keith Frederick)

MASFAP Hill Day 2015
(L to R: Frederick staffer, Valerie Moersch (S&T), Tracy Wilson (S&T), Rep. Keith Frederick)

Behind the enormous bronze doors that had an eventful journey to Missouri from Brooklyn, the business of the Show-Me State unfolds during each legislative session.  Few Missourians know that the bronze doors actually went missing during World War I when the U.S. War Department had the authority to stop any train, unload the cargo, and reload it with U.S. Army supplies.  Thus began a search for the missing doors.  It wasn’t until a year later that they arrived in Jefferson City by train, completely unannounced, and no one ever learned where they had spent that year.  Today, those huge doors welcome visitors atop the Capitol’s front steps.  The question of which is the front and back of the Capitol is another story altogether!  On the inside, we can admire the breathtaking murals or be intrigued by the fascinating Whisper Gallery high in the dome; the Missouri State Capitol is a stunning structure, deemed the most elegant of the 50 states.  Most importantly, however, it is where the laws and business of our great state takes shape.

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Making a Difference by Jennifer Haynes

making a difference

Ever heard of food insecurity and/or housing insecurity?

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Credentialing Sessions Announced By Crystal Bruntz


We’ve already started off 2016 off with a bang! On Tuesday, March 1st and Wednesday, March 2nd Zack Goodwin from the US Department of Education joined us in Columbia, MO to speak with our Registrar and Business Office colleagues on the many regulations that have a hand, finger or entire foot in financial aid.  The turnout and reviews were great, and attendees left these events with a lot of answers and some questions to take back to their institutions.

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Engage, Educate and Advocate by Mya Walker Lawrence

we want you

With need-based aid programs in the forefront of our state legislature, MASFAP can be a voice for the students that we serve. On April 5th, 2016, MASFAP members will gather in Jefferson City at the Capitol for MASAP’s Missouri Hill Day, where our focus will be to engage, educate and advocate!

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January MASFAP Board Meeting

MASFAP Board Mtg Jan 2016

The 2016 MASFAP Board met today! Great meeting and a full day of learning about the MASFAP history, the board responsibilities, reviewing the MASFAP mission, and much more.

New Year – New Blogs by Melissa Findley

Good afternoon MASFAP!

We will soon be ramping up our blogging again in 2016 as another form of MASFAP communication! So, in thinking about the MASFAP Blog I wanted to pose a question to all of you who have joined the blog: What do you like about the blog and/or how can we better utilize it?

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