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My Helpful Travel Tips By Kayla Klein

Over the past several weeks, I have traveled to meet new Tigers that are soon headed our way. This got me thinking about all the packing I do for work travel, and also for all the spring break and summer fun. Being on the road whether it be by car, plane, or bus I have discovered some helpful tips to make the process easier.

  1. Make a list. I make a list of all the items that I need to pack right down to the snacks that I want to pack. You can make your list in your planner, excel sheet, on your phone, anywhere that you can use a quick reference. It is also a way to make sure that you do not forget anything that you might need.
  2. Packing cubes!!! Okay, so I have been told about packing cubes for a couple of years now, and I was like… how can a bunch of squares possibly make my packing better? I can now say they are amazing! I bought some packing cubes for my last round of travel to Dallas and Chicago at Marshalls, figured I would give them a try. My suitcase stayed organized, I was able to roll all my clothes (and they stayed rolled), and I was able to fit way more in my suitcase. Packing dress clothes and keeping them nice is always a struggle, but with the packing cubes it was no problem at all. Amazon has some great options for packing cubes; however, you can get them all over.
  3. A coat that does not take up a lot of space is a must for me. Going from one weather extreme to another is hard to pack for and packing a coat in your suitcase can take up too much of the room. I found the perfect coat that can be rolled up, fits in its own bag to limit space, and fits perfect my suitcase… plus it is water resistant so it works in the rain too.
  4. A good set of headphones is a necessity; noise cancelling ones are nice when you are on a crowded bus or airplane. So, I have multiple pairs of headphones, and yes I travel with multiple pairs of headphones for different scenarios I encounter. It sounds crazy, but I always fear I will lose a pair, or worse break a pair, and I do not want to scramble to buy another set while traveling. I have done this before and paid way too much for them. A good set of headphones also helps to block out the noise as you read your book or work as you sit in the airport.
  5. External battery pack. This is a lifesaver especially when all the charging stations are full in the airport… or you have to sit on the plane waiting to take off… and you need to charge your phone. It is also handy on a long bus trip and your seat is not next to an outlet. I also carry a charging tower that I bought at Target for $5.00 which allows me to charge four things at once. It is easy to pack and you only need the tower and the cords so there is less to lose and less to pack.
  6. My last “must have” is a good carryon bag/backpack. One that has lots of pockets that you are able to find items easily and fit all the things that you need. It should be lightweight and one that can hook onto another suitcase is ideal so you minimize the items that you have to carry.

Over the years, I have nearly perfected a packing strategy that works for me and have tweaked my ways (such as my new found excitement for packing cubes). I also love learning new tips and tricks on how other people travel. Hope mine help and feel free to share your tips below on this blog! Happy traveling!

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MASFAP Early Awareness Assisted in Moberly’s UCAN2 Program By Amy Hager


Members of MASFAP’s Early Awareness Committee joined the staff of Moberly Area Community College to participate in the annual UCAN2 event at the end of March.

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Celebrating Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

Today is the day in 1967 when it all began –  50 years ago – MASFAP!  Our members have experienced 50 years of advocating for students, collaborating with colleagues and lobbying state and federal agencies on behalf of our students. Oh, and let’s not forget all of the learning, stretching and growing professionally and personally together!

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Trip to Washington DC By Kerry Hallahan

Just over a week ago, NASFAA held their National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. As President-Elect I was afforded the opportunity to attend the Association Management Pathway along with MASFAP’s Treasurer-Elect, Cassandra Hicks. We had two full days learning the ins and outs of leading a great organization such as MASFAP. Interactive presentations taught us many different aspects of Governance and Board Effectiveness, Developing and Implementing Your Leadership Plan and Fiscal Fitness. We also discussed volunteerism and how to run a meeting. Additionally, the presidents and treasurers split into smaller groups. Through small group I learned from leaders in Florida, Vermont, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Ohio, to name a few.

On the final day, the capstone point of our Leadership Conference was a visit to Capitol Hill. Thankfully, the MASFAP members shown below attended Senator Blunt’s morning coffee and Senator McCaskill’s office together. I was nervous, however felt a little more comfortable in a group. We learned the day before that Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan expressed support for Year Round Pell. Since Senator Blunt is an avid supporter for Year Round Pell, we were sure to thank his aid for that support. Some of the topics we discussed were discretionary spending, FAFSA simplification, and allowing financial aid administrators flexibility regarding student loans (ie: limit loans for part-time students). Most importantly, we shared our contact information and offered to be a resource for their aids should they have any questions on how federal student aid is impacting Missouri students.

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From the MASFAP Legislative Committee Submitted By Will Shaffner

Recent Legislative Activity –

FEDERAL SNAPSHOT – Higher Ed Legislation Introduced in House and Senate

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Mark Your Calendars for MASFAP PD Events By Susan Hartnagel

MASFAP’s Professional Development Committee is working on finalizing various training events for 2017.

Save the dates for future PD events: March 8, April 11, May 3, June 6, July 11, September 12 and October 18.

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MASFAP Hill Day – great group of people representing MASFAP today!

MASFAP Hill Day in process NOW! Check out some pictures!

Thank you to all of the MASFAP Members attending MASFAP’s Hill Day!


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In Preparation for Hill Day by Will Shaffner

BE SURE TO REGISTER for HILL DAY – sign up today at under Training! MASFAP’s Hill Day is finally here! The event is right around the corner and we have a few tips to help prepare you. What to wear: Dress professionally. Advice straight from our Chair: wear comfortable shoes! You’ll be standing for much of the time. Parking:  We suggest carpooling because parking is tight. Plan to arrive early because weather and traffic are not reliable. Lunch: Bring a bagged lunch and drink and we can keep them under the MASFAP table, or you can purchase lunch in the small cafeteria located in the Capitol building. Remember, if you are interested in meeting with officials, contact the Legislative Committee by emailing [email protected] so the committee can set a meeting up for you! MASFAP will provide a list of speaking points and legislative priorities for your meetings beforehand. Still want to contribute to Hill Day as a volunteer? It’s never too late! Plan on arriving on site at 7:30 a.m. and talk to a member of the Legislative Committee when you get there. We will make sure you have a job and are contributing to the day’s responsibilities. If you can’t come first thing in the morning, we would still love to have you help out.  Be sure to arrive before 1 p.m. Send an email to Will Shaffner at [email protected] and let him know you’ll be coming! If you have any hesitations about volunteering, know that you are very much needed! There is power in numbers and every student that goes to your institution, or goes to any institution in Missouri, needs your representation in Jefferson City. Your expertise is exactly what these legislators need to make informed decisions about higher education in Missouri. Don’t leave it up to fate! Come out next week on Tuesday, February 14 and support MASFAP and Missouri’s education system! Will Shaffner is MASFAP’s Legislative Chair.

Hill Day: What to Expect By Will Shaffner

Worried because you don’t know what Hill Day is going to be like? We have you covered. Here is a snapshot of what to expect on February 14. Make sure to sign up today at under Training!

MASFAP will conduct Hill Day in the capitol building in Jefferson City. We will have a table set up where we can converse with elected officials and policy makers. The place we occupy is very public, so diverse types of capitol employees will walk by to ask who we are and what we do.

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Vicki Mattocks Receives the Missouri Award

Pictured are Janice Barnes, Todd Morris, Vicki Mattocks, Ronn Ramey and Kathy Morris.

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Lots of great discussion about the future of MASFAP!

Took a minute out of the day to get a picture of the MASFAP Board members today at the board retreat in New Haven, MO (it was the quietest this group has been all day). This year is MASFAP’s 50th Anniversary – we are having a lot of great discussion about this year and the future of MASFAP!!!

Good Morning from the MASFAP Board Meeting!

Good morning MASFAP!

The MASFAP Board is meeting now! Do you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions for the Board? Please let us know by commenting to this blog or emailing one of your MASFAP Delegates:

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Make Your Voice Heard to Affect Change By Will Shaffner

As new legislators have taken their oaths of office, they have affirmed their commitment to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of their position. Although financial aid officers may not have to take an oath, many of us in the industry feel a responsibility to help further simplify and improve financial aid for students and their families.

A fellow Missourian and legend in financial aid did just that. Allan Purdy pioneered financial aid policies and advocated on behalf of students during his time spent as the University of Missouri’s first director of scholarships and financial aid. He was the founding president of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, helped to create MASFAA, Sallie Mae, USA Funds, as well as MOHELA. Mr. Purdy’s leadership in the financial aid industry is unparalleled. He believed in using one’s voice and knowledge to help students and families obtain higher education.

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Networking on Hill Day By Will Shaffner

Networking can be intimidating. The idea of going to an event and mingling can stir fear in even the most extroverted of people. Luckily, you have the opportunity to put your networking skills into practice at our upcoming MASFAP event: Hill Day! This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people because not only are you able to mingle with current MASFAP colleagues, there will be opportunities to meet and form connections with Missouri state legislators as well.

Creating bonds like these are important, not only for your career, but for higher education in our state. Forming bonds can lead to becoming a resource to our elected officials. Think you know everyone that’s been elected? Well think again! Thanks to our latest election day, this Hill Day is a great opportunity for volunteers new and old to come out and meet our newest officials.

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Make a Resolution to Get Involved By Will Shaffner

Happy New Year! As 2017 sets in, if you haven’t made your New Year’s resolution (or if you already broke some!) – how about you consider getting more involved with MASFAP? There are lots of ways to advocate for students, meet new people, step out of your shell and network in your field.

One way you can help MASFAP kick off 2017 is with our Hill Day in Jefferson City on February 14. This event goes throughout the day – (it is entirely up to your schedule how you would like to volunteer your time, of course) – and involves presentations to different committee members, meetings with key legislative staff, and getting the word out to legislators about what MASFAP is and what our members do!

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Save the Date for MASFAP Hill Day: February 14 By Will Shaffner

It’s that time of year again! The date has been set for MASFAP’s Hill Day and it’s going to be Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, February 14, 2017.

As you make your New Year’s Resolution, consider how you might increase your involvement with MASFAP. What better way is there to demonstrate true kindness and love than volunteering with MASFAP and advocating for Missouri’s students?  There are lots of new representatives in Jefferson City so share the love and kick off this New Year by advocating for students and get involved with MASFAP. Hill Day is something that everyone can do. We need your help to maximize the potential of a successful legislative visit!

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Check Out Lake of the Ozarks Idiots Club Facebook Page

They just posted some pics from MASFAP’s charity event – so fun and such a great cause! Thank you again for everyone’s generosity!

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OH MY Goodness – ONLY 3 days until the conference!

Sparky is so excited he cannot contain himself! He is leaving early to drive to the conference – it takes the little guy a little longer to drive a car than most!

Conference reminders:

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Sparky – 4 days until the conference!

sparky-4-daysThursday, December 8, 2016- 4 days until the conference

Today Sparky was wondering what to do with his wrapped gift for the charity once he gets to the conference. He found that there will be a table in the vendor area for each attendee to drop off the gifts. Also, make sure that the family # and child name are on the tag!

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